Her Photography, Her Therapy

A while back, I was in correpondence with Jan, and she shared some photographs with me that she has taken in her travels. This blog kind of blew up a few months ago, and she was hoping that posting the images would (in her words) bring some civility back to the discussion, and also demonstrate that she is not some spineless widow living out her life in the shadows spending her days thinking about Fry and Spens.

I won’t add anything further, as this post is for and about Jan. She may add any additional comments she would like.

Thank you Jan for sharing – My apologies for taking so long to post these & thanks for your patience and understanding! I truly hope that I have communicated this as you had hoped it to look. If not, please email me!

Flame Job

“A car show I went to. I told the owner I could “put a flame job on it.” He doubted me.”


“Self-portrait of me in the vacant 100 year old hotel.”


“Great Salt Lake (N.E. corner near the Great Spiral Getty)”

Horseshoe Bend

“This is Horseshoe Bend in Idaho. I crawled to the edge of a cliff to get it.”


~ by cheetah14 on March 17, 2014.

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