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In 2010, I published a little book review on this blog, and the photo results of a Detroit city “tour” a friend and I did based on locations mentioned in the book. She and I, and my mom who introduced me to the book, were fascinated by the story. I think our fascination was sparked mainly because this happened so close to home, and so very many of the references and places were familiar to us having grown up in the Detroit area.

Never in a million years did I ever think many people would see it. I created the blog to vent and record stories about my life in general at the time. Writing has always been kind of theraputic for me. At the time of creation of this one, I was going through a divorce. In a drunken argument one night, my ex husband called me a “dirty bar whore” in a fit of anger. I took it and ran with it. I even made a shirt that said “dirty bar whore” in sparkly silver letters and wore it around town. It was a hit. All of my friends called me “DBW” and made light of the really shitty situation.

Enough about that. My Canty blog seems to have blown up of late. I kind of neglected this blog and will use the excuse that every former blogger seems to use, “Sorry I haven’t been around, I’ve been busy.” During that time, I received comments from SO many people directly or indirectly involved in what I will call “The Canty Story”. Main ‘characters’ from the book have come by to share. (Not sure what I would exactly call those in the story ‘characters’ considering this was a true crime book, but whatever) I could not believe it!!

I have so say, I am flattered and amazed that so many people have come across that blog and took the time to write something. If you have emailed me, I apologize for not responding. I have to admit, I was unsure of my username and password when I logged in today. I got the password wrong once, but the 2nd time was a winner. I’d have to dig to find exactly what email address I associated with this blog.

I was slightly disappointed that the comments went from fascination of the story and people sharing their associations with characters in the book, to a VERY heated conversation between a handful of people. I didn’t write that blog with the expectation or intention to see people argue so fiercely. In all honestly, I hoped a few people as fascinated with the story as I was would happen upon it, and discuss their thoughts on the book.

That said, I need some time to fully read all that has happened in the comments of that blog since my last visit. Through this blog, I became Facebook friends with Ray Danford (Jr), and he tipped me off this morning that things were happening here. I Googled the blog using my phone, and skimmed through the most recent postings. Phew…

Please feel free to email if you’d like, but I must confess that I am a horrible email ‘responder’. My email address is rreneecaudill at gmail dot com. I am more likely to respond via Facebook – Savvy peeps can use this blog and the email address I just posted to put together my first and last name. Again, I apologize if you have emailed some time within the 4 years this blog has been up and now. It was not on purpose! I just don’t really check it much.


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  1. Chetta am trying to put up the password..??

  2. Its not working

  3. Did I password protect this or the main Canty blog posting somehow? They both look public to me.

    • im not sure if u check these posts any more but i have some more info for you mostly on John Fry. u can message me on google at nickoliny18


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    Some people were getting up set but they were not even being talked about. If they don’t wand to be bothered by the blog then why do they read it and comment on it, the answer is that they have nothing else to do but keep stuff stirred up. I discovered the blog by accident and enjoy it. I’m still in need of pictures of Dawn, John Cheryl and child. I can be E-ed at parsonhenry1957@gmail.com

  6. Where can I reach Dimples.?

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